Get Trustworthy Floor Support Jacks for Your Property in Southwest Missouri

Welcome to Guardian Foundation Repair-your full-service crawlspace company serving Southwest Missouri. We are proud to offer our clients floor support jacks to help support their buildings and keep your house from sinking into the ground. Our floor support professionals have been in the industry for years and know what they're doing to properly brace the floor and restore support.

Floors are susceptible to bowing and sagging after time and use. Most casted floor supports as concrete and concrete blocks act like a giant sponge soaking up moisture in the air, and heat comes to dry it up. When this happens again and again, concrete becomes weak and fails. Wood can also become compromised by moisture, leading to wood rot.

Unfortunately, many wait until it is too late for the floors causing people to relocate themselves and their belongings while the internal floors of their homes are rebuilt. To avoid the costly expense of vacating the home and to avoid selling a house at a deep discount, folks look to add additional floor support.

Reliable Floor Leveling Services When You Need Them

Did you know floors sag in several ways? Sagging floor issues are developed over time in several ways. Floors sag and fail for these reasons:

  • A basement slab has sunk under a vertical post or/ or girder beam.
  • Girder beams are too far apart (greater than 10-12 feet).
  • Crawlspace concrete pier casts have settled in the dirt under the home.
  • Joists in the crawlspace have become compromised with moisture and caused a V sag.
  • Joists in the crawlspace have become compromised with moisture and caused a W sag.
  • Wood rot on floor joists in the crawlspace and wet basements.
  • An exterior foundation wall has settled and caused the girder beam pocket to fall.
  • A fireplace hearth has inadequate support underneath.
  • Large aftermarket furnishings such as appliances, stone, water heaters, and bathtubs were placed in the home and needed additional support for the full weight in the area.

Here at Guardian Foundation Repair, LLC, we prevent floors from sagging by installing ultra-strong permanent galvanized steel floor leveling jacks and beams. We often add additional jacks to existing beams in crawlspaces and basements to provide additional support. Our floor support jacks come with a steel footer (designed to disperse the load) that isn't susceptible to erosion like concrete. Here are the ways we correct sagging floors:

  • Ultra-Strong Permanent Galvanized steel floor support jacks with steel footers
  • 12ft supplemental beam installation with a pair of jacks to add support where no girder beam is present
  • We also offer joist sistering procedures to help reinforce old wood joists

Schedule Your Floor Support Service

Wood is an organic material that has been moving and settling for years, decades, and centuries in the home. It is not smart to try and correct the issue in one day. This could cause cracks and damage. That's why at Guardian, we offer an annual maintenance plan to help gradually correct the issue. We will come back to tighten the steel jacks year after year (for an average of 2-5 years).

At Guardian Foundation Repair, LLC, we professionally diagnose sagging floors in Southwest Missouri, houses using a high commercial-grade self-leveling gyroscopic rotary laser. We collect data from above and down below, allowing us to be thorough and precise.

If you have any questions or would be interested in learning more about floor support jacks and how we can help with sagging floors with our floor jack installation service, call our local number at (417) 522-5578. You can also email us at

When it comes to floor support we do not mess around, we install galvanized steel floor support jacks and powder coated steel beams. We ensure your floors will be supported for years to come using quality products from the industry sure to stand the test of time.