At Guardian Foundation Repair we offer a variety of exterior drainage services as well.

We are one of a few local companies that do both professional foundation repair and exterior drainage systems. Where water meets the foundation, we know what to do.
Take a look at some of ourexterior options:

  • Buried Gutter downspout drainage extension
  • Grading and sloping
  • French drain
  • Surface drain/yard drain
  • Driveway and patio drains
  • Leaf Gutter Guard

With our berried downspout extension, we do not use inferior methods such as pop up or corrugated pipe;

we use premier schedule 40 pipe slow leak pot dissipation system.

When it comes to our grading and sloping jobs we can do anything from small sloping to full excavation and retaining walls. Our French drain is cover in a silt sock and full clean fill gravel for drainage where as our surface drains sit right below the surface to collect standing water and allow you the convenience to mow over them. Additionally, our drainage systems are sloped and ran away from the home or tied into a larger slow leak dissipation pot. Lastly, our driveway and patio drains are all made from heavy duty NDS that has maintainable faces which is great for future repair of general flushing and snaking. Other outdoor services include clean, drain, and flush for gutters and leaf gutter guard permanently installed with proper bolting along with retaining walls and gravel driveways.